To My Neighbours Who Had Loud Sex All Weekend

I get it. It’s cold outside. Valentine’s day is near. Fifty Shades Darker is coming out soon and the new trailer is giving people all sort -erotic- ideas . I get it. And I also get that I’m single, going through a rough patch and might feel a little bit envious.

But as much as I get all of that and applaud love and sex and the right to be free to express love in any way one wants, I had to mute my Skype call twice so my friend wouldn’t hear the loud moans and pants. I had to go to bed feeling like I was back in college hearing the moaning and screaming. On my first try with DnD last night, I had to try, for some reason, to cover those moans and screams with an awkward cough as I said goodbyes to my friends. No. My brother’s friends to be exact.

I get it. Sex is fun. Sex is relaxing. Everyone should ‘get laid’ every once in a while but everyone else shouldn’t hear it. Literally.

Please and thank you.



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