The Art of Supermarket Shelf Stacking

enhanced-buzz-22774-1423688643-4Of the many things me and my dad share- not being able to let go what we cannot control, overthinking- supermarket shelves stacking is something we have both perfected over the years.

We ignore my mom rolling her eyes and pretending she doesn’t know us as we put that Mentos, where it’s supposed to be and that crackers back with its brothers and sisters. We cannot simply ‘leave it there’, because ‘there’ is not its place. And what annoys me is why someone has decided to leave that chocolate near enough to its right place and not where its supposed to be. So someone has to do it.

Isn’t this what we are teaching at school? Aren’t children taught how to stack, order by sequence, colour, shapes?

Everyone had his or her OCD moments. And while I can’t speak for my dad, shelf stacking is a way of controlling what I can’t. Just for that tiny moment I have put something back to where it should be. Back in order. And it’s not the same as doing it at home. Home we can control. Home is safe. Home is ours. My books are in order because I put them there and there isn’t a reason why they wouldn’t be when I get back home. But outside, outside is what we cannot control.

Outside is the world where I don’t know why that chocolate was left there, close to his similars but not enough to make it…right. Outside is uncontrollable. You never know what to expect. I don’t go inside supermarkets pulling up my sleeves and getting ready to work. I don’t go inside expecting to see something out of order. I go inside and see something out of order and when you know you can fix it, that you can control it, that you can put things back in order, you simply do it because there is nothing better than controlling something out of your safe zone. Controlling something in the world.

Even if it’s the safest thing in the world.



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