30 Days Yoga Challenge

maxresdefaultI’ve always found in yoga something similar to ballet; the grace, the elegance and of course the stretching. Having done ballet when I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to give yoga a try.

But in the little town I live in, the closest gym is 30 minutes walk from home and because I’m lazy, I couldn’t find a plausible reason to do a 30 minutes exercise-walk, to then do a 30/45 minutes yoga and then head back home for another 30 minutes exercise-walk.

Yea, no thank you.

After trying a couple of Youtube challenges and videos, I found one that was it for me; Yoga with Adriene.

Of course the whole breathing/mediation thing didn’t work for me. Whenever that came up, I would roll my eyes, raise my eyebrows and sigh loudly, mentally urging her to move to the next step while I sat cross legged on my yoga mat- waiting. Still, despite her not actually being there with you, Adriene has this way of accompanying you through all the steps, knowing when you are about to give up and push you to hold for one more breath. She tells you what to watch out for, the correct posture and the mistakes you could be making and how to correct them. That was all I wanted for a home-yoga and I loved it.

I feel good after my 30 days challenge and plan on either doing the same challenge again (ah the perfectionist in me!) or starting one of her new 30 days challenges. Maybe concentrate more on mediating and breathing. It definitely helps with stress and lets your mind focus on your body and what you are trying to do now, rather than wander to something you can’t control.

Plus, endorphins!




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