About Soraia


Welcome to my blog! I’m Soraia and in the midst of fashion blogger, travel bloggers and other bloggers that show a life too far (for me) to reach and have, I decided to go normal and look at the little things that make my normal life a good one.

You should know…

… I’m a preschool teacher, loving the job and hating the system, living in Italy.

…I’m an ex-journalist now wanting to put my opinion everywhere.

…I’m a list addict, over thinker and worrier.

…I love whales.

…I google. A lot and almost everything.

…I love tea, staying at home with books and my cat Cleopatra¬†that loves to pull all of my socks out of the drawer just to show me no matter what I do to keep it close, she’ll open it.

…I’m a pessimist and perfectionist.