30 Days Yoga Challenge

maxresdefaultI’ve always found in yoga something similar to ballet; the grace, the elegance and of course the stretching. Having done ballet when I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to give yoga a try.

But in the little town I live in, the closest gym is 30 minutes walk from home and because I’m lazy, I couldn’t find a plausible reason to do a 30 minutes exercise-walk, to then do a 30/45 minutes yoga and then head back home for another 30 minutes exercise-walk.

Yea, no thank you.

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The Stress Repellent List

Because I’ve been having problems at work and because I’m a stress magnet, I’m trying to find ways to relax and let go. Unfortunately, I’m not good at meditation- my mind likes any free slot it can find. But after asking my good friend Google, I’ve come up with this list-made from several other lists- to help me cope with life right now.

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