Teachers and Tattoos

Living in a society that doesn’t let you be who you are or judges you for what you do or like is something every single person on planet Earth has to deal with. Some more often than others.

Considering we cannot live without societies because humans are per se loners in nature- we need to be part of something, even people that like me like to spent time alone, we need to adapt to what is considered to be ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable.’

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24 Character Strengths

I love my job and love researching new methods to improve what I bring to the classroom. And not only because I’ve had a change in career that always makes me feel like I have to prove myself to others because of my ‘wasted’ past years as a journalist, that are very far from the years I’m building now as a preschool teacher, but because learning is something that never grows old and is never wasted.

I don’t seem to find much free online courses when it comes to teaching, especially early childhood education. But the few that I was able to find on FutureLearn and Coursera were pretty good and some could be adapted for young learners too.

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