The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

I was scrolling down my FB feed the other day and realised, I haven’t been posting for quite some time and that FB has basically become a way for me to connect to just a group of people, while keeping track of what the other group was up to. Had they moved? Married? Given birth? Found new jobs, new boyfriends/husbands/wives/girlfriends.

This habit of comparing your life to the life of others offered on social media had made us not live our own life. Not value what we have, what we have accomplished and who we are. Whenever we start comparing our lives to others, we are already losing. We don’t compare the good things about us, but the worst. And the worst always looks bad compared to what “appears” to be the perfect live of others.

Sometimes we are just looking for guidelines. A map to how your life could have been like if you had made a different choice. When you spend many years with someone, then part ways because of different life choices, you want to know if after all those years you have made the right decision. And you want to know this when you are feeling down. When your life is falling apart. We open FB, Twitter, Instagram to see the happy photos and messages. Someone announcing she is pregnant. Another showing her admission to a post graduate study. Someone else living in a different country that is what is making their life so perfect and yours not.

So you start rethinking your life. Your decisions. Your choices. You beat yourself up so badly that all the wonderful things that are about you disappear. All the wonderful things that have happened to you amount to nothing, just because you had a bad day. Made the wrong decision. Went too quickly or too slowly.

So you try to think of ways to have their life, their happiness when all you need to do is to live yours. Enjoy what makes you happy and believe in your choices; the good and bad, because they belong to you and only you know the reason why you made them.

Happiness is all in your hands, not in the life of others.



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